Letters of Woo.

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Our astrologers write personalized and highly accurate monthly horoscopes just for you. 

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What People Are Saying:

I just received a wonderful reading from Alice today. I was specifically asking about career paths. I had lost sight of what I cared about a long time ago, and started to think only in terms of what fields make money. Her reading made me remember career choices I had when I was really young and had forgotten about, side ventures I thought about but set down, and even mentioned things that had given me trouble at work in the past. Things I have never talked to anyone about before. She’s very insightful and strongly intuitive. I highly recommend her.

– Bettie B.

I got SO much out of my session with Alice. She’s very knowledgeable and insightful as a reader. She puts patterns in a broader context, and she helped me understand how I can improve some areas I’ve struggled with, based on my chart. Our conversation also delved into specific astrological details, which I loved. I came away from my reading with so many notes and information about what to expect in the coming year and the broader cycles of my life. I got to ask all the questions I wanted to ask. The atmosphere was very welcoming and relaxed. Definitely a good experience for anyone looking for a trustworthy astrologer!

– Haley W.

Alice gave me a very straightforward and relevant reading, I was definitely satisfied with how it related directly to certain events, also on a emotional level it hit perfectly with things I’ve been addressing with my past.

– Marla S.

I just got a taste of her talents and it was amazing! Very inspirational and informative. I am TRULY grateful!

– Tonya S.

How it works:

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Sharing your birth details allow an astrologer to see a snapshot of what the sky looked like at the time you were born so your letters can be written just for you.

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An astrologer looks at your astrology chart and compares it to the current celestial forecast to write your letter so you can be in the know for the month ahead.

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Isn’t it awesome to get some genuine snail mail?  Each letter you receive is jam packed with cosmic insight and helpful hints to keep you cool, calm & collected.
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Astrology isn’t your sun sign.

Horoscopes have great entertainment value but in no way can they properly examine the complexity and uniqueness of your own natal chart.

Though you may not know it, astrology is a complex art form requiring a thorough understanding of planetary and zodiacal symbology, methodology, and observational experience that has been in development since ancient Babylonian times.  Being a skilled astrologer means many years of study and practice in order to hone their craft.

Ultimately though, astrology is simply the language of the stars.  When you understand it, the sky begins to speak to you, offering profound insight about one’s inner self and much detail about one’s personal experience of the world.


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